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Karna - Sonic Voyager

View from the MoonBaloon


Here you can preview some of the sonic voyages of Karna on the intergalactic vehicle known as the MoonBaloon. There are many journeys and little time, therefore the page is constantly under construction, but please check back for updates. In the course of many voyages, Karna has discovered many sonic wizards and attempted to get them to teach him some of the string skills which residents of this planet are so avidly seeking. Though all these meteoric soundsters were of exceptional skill, none was so radiant as the almighty avatar known as Shawn Lane. So Karna made his way to the present abode of the sage located beneath the shelter of an Einstein-Rosen bridge just south of Hodge 301 galaxy in the Tarantula Nebula. At his feet did Karna throw himself in order to seek the way of this Maharishi. As it happens, the sage, weary of much earthly activity and desirous of peace and rest was looking for an able bodied assistant, at which point the voyager made it clear that he was but a humble cosmic servant and come to do the masters bidding in return for some tips. To this, the master readily agreed and Karna busied himself obtaining various supplies and comforts that his master may rest easy. Once the sage was set up in great comfort, with reclining pillows of the most exquisite silk and feather cushions, sipping lotus tea and puffing languidly at a gleaming silver hookah, he declared himself pleased with his new help and consented to reveal some of his choicest tips in the course of time. Overjoyed at this, Karna fell at the Maharishi's feet once more, making much obeisance and singing praises. At the end of that first day the great sage revealed the secret of Tri Seven Five and the humble servant was awestruck at it's magnificence.

The First Lesson : Tri Seven Five